Monday, January 28, 2013

Happy Birthday to Sam!

Today is sweet Sam's 7th birthday! My baby is 7 years old!  Olivia calls Sam the eternal baby!  I still hold him and hug and kiss on him all the time!  
He will always be my baby....

We began the day with a camouflaged-themed decorated table and a breakfast of Shipley's do-nuts!  Sam's request!  I drove a total of 40 minutes to get those do-nuts early this morning.

 Sam, waiting on his breakfast.
Olivia and I decorated the table with Sam's new paracord.

 Sweet, seven year old Sam

After breakfast, we moved to our den for present opening!  Fun!  Fun!  Sam received Legos from Mims and Pops, some new running clothes, a Lotso (bought secretly from Disney World), and a couple of handmade gifts from his sisters.

 A new running shirt

 Sam with his presents

 a duck-tape bear, made by Leah

 a crocheted horse, made by Julie

Sam played with his new Legos all morning, and then our family went to lunch at Kyotos.

 At the restaurant, waiting for the Hibachi show to begin.

The onion volcano!

After lunch, the oldest four children had piano lessons, and Jimmy and I took Sam to Cracker Barrel so he could buy himself a harmonica.  He spent some of his birthday money to buy it.  We also took Sam to the ATT boring for Sam, but Jimmy and I needed to stop by there!

Later this afternoon, Granmomma and Pop stopped by.  For Sam's birthday present, they took him to Harbor Freight to pick out his own birthday present.  Sam had been studying the Harbor Freight sale paper earlier today, and he really, really wanted a machete!

We told him, "No machetes!"

 Here is what Sam looked like after we told him he could not buy any weapons or anything dangerous!
Granmomma was still happy though!

He cheered up and came home from his shopping trip with an 80 lb. magnet and some other magnifying glass contraption.  Both seem safe enough....if he will keep that magnet away from all of our electronics!

We ended our day with fruit pizza for supper.  This pizza was delicious, and Olivia made it all by herself!  It was beautiful, and it tasted so good!
Back to healthy eating tomorrow!

 Sam with his fruit pizza

Blowing out his 7 candles!

Happy Birthday Sam!
You will always be the baby in this family!


  1. I would love to have the recipe for the fruit pizza. It looks yummy.

  2. oh looks like he had a wonderful day! I have 4 boys (1 girl) - your post about the machete just made me smile because my boys would be JUST LIKE that! :)
    hoping over through your menu posts at orgnizejunkie.