Friday, January 18, 2013

Math Flashcards

Last week while I was at Disney World (I love that place!), I had a post published at The Homeschool Classroom about making and drilling math flashcards.  You can click here to read that post.  There may be fancier ways to drill basic math facts, but I have found that old-fashioned flashcards (especially the ones I make myself) do the trick just fine.

Yesterday after finishing up the unpacking and washing several loads of dirty clothes, sorting through the mail we received while we were out of town, paying bills, making granola bars, and tidying up the house, we finally did some school!  The children completed all of their independent work, but I did not get all of our Sonlight reading done.  I was still helping Olivia with a multi-step physics problem involving scientific notation at 10:00 PM!  Today I plan for us to get an earlier start.  I hope to read all of today's Sonlight reading assignments as well as what we skipped yesterday too!

Tomorrow we will be celebrating Leah's 9th birthday here at home with our family.  Her actual birthday was while we were at Disney World, and that was a lot of fun!  I have many things left to do to prepare for her special day tomorrow, including sewing!

I leave you with a fun Disney picture.

We have the children's picture made in Bruce's (from Finding Nemo) mouth every time we visit Epcot.

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