Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Last Disney Post!

Here are some highlights of our recent trip to Disney World--in no particular order.  This is the 3rd trip that we have made to Disney with our friends Lynn and Kelly and their family.  This year Esther and Greg and their family joined us for 6 days of fun, and Heather came along for 4 of those days.  We made many fun memories!

 Esther, Heather, Jimmy, Me, and Lynn in front of where the Race Expo was held.  This is where we picked up our bib numbers, race shirts, and various souvenirs.

 Esther and I riding the bus to the Expo.

 My children on the day we arrived

 Lynn and I are making buttons for our kids to wear.  They said "Go Mama!" and "Go Daddy".  I took a picture of the button maker too.  I really want one of those!

 An overview of the Expo packet pickup area

 The Goofy participants modeling their Goofy race shirts in front of a poster of the Goofy medal they would earn.

 Jared and Sam

The Four Mamas

 Little girls in the stroller

 Jared and Clay--thrilled to have their picture made!

 Greg and Esther

 We sent this picture to our Koach Kenneth.

 Sam likes to liven up every picture.

 The Sanders Family

 The Mims Family

 Some girls going to ride Toy Story Mania

Meeting Mickey Mouse

 Olivia attended an animation class at Hollywood Studios.

 Leah, posing with her new Bolt on her birthday morning.

 The Half Marathoners

 The Mims Family at Epcot

 Our family (minus Jimmy the photographer) at Epcot

 Sarah and Leah

 Waiting to ride Soarin' at Epcot


At the World of Coke--the kids LOVED this place!

 In France, at Epcot

 Lynn and Hannah

 On a ride at Animal Kingdom

 Meeting Donald Duck at Animal Kingdom

 Sarah and Jimmy

 Three cool boys--the boys were definitely outnumbered on this trip!

 Two Goofy runners meeting Goofy!

 Yay!  It's Pluto!

Yay!  We are all happy to be with Pluto!

 Sarah and Parker

 In front of Big Thunder Mountain Railroad--one of Sam's favorite rides at Magic Kingdom.

 Jared got to participate in a street show in France in Epcot.

 See the construction behind us?  That is a new roller coaster that is being built in the new Fantasyland in the Magic Kingdom.

 Driving the race cars in Magic Kingdom

 I was scared with Leah driving me!

 Sam drove Olivia.

 In the candy store on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom.  It is a tradition for our family to visit this candy store and buy M&Ms and jelly beans by the pound.  Fun!


 Another Half Marathon picture with the pretty castle in the background.

 All ready for the first part of the Goofy Challenge.


 And another Half Marathon picture....

 Oh no!  Heather, hurry up and get back on the race course!

 We met the half marathoners outside of our hotel to take pictures of them as they ran by.

 Pretty girls!

Handsome men!

Waiting for fireworks on our final night at the Magic Kingdom.

 Some of the girls with the fans they had stamped at each country they visited in Epcot.

 More fans

 A close-up of a fan

 Rapunzel hair (I think!)

 The crew after Lynn, Jimmy, Heather and I headed back to the hotel to rest the night before the marathon.  

In Mexico

Fun times!!

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