Sunday, January 20, 2013

Leah's 9th Birthday

For the second time in her short life, Leah has celebrated her birthday while at Disney World.  Unfortunately, the first Disney birthday (her 7th) she came down with the flu on the very same day, and it was a week before we could celebrate.

This year, we celebrated her birthday all day on January 12, while we were at Disney World.  She had a super day!  The Sanders gave her a small birthday cake, she received a couple of presents from us, Avery gave her a "best friends" necklace, and she got to wear the "It's My Birthday!" button all day. All of the children wore an "I'm Celebrating" button, and all day at Epcot everyone wished her a Happy Birthday!  I think she had a fabulous time.

Yesterday, one week later, we had our family celebration.  We gave Leah a table and chairs and play food for her Addy doll as one of her birthday gifts.  I used this for the centerpiece for the table.  She was so surprised when she woke up!

 Leah with her two dolls at their new table

Leah requested hash brown potatoes and chocolate chip pancakes for her birthday breakfast.  What a combination!  After enjoying this big breakfast, we joined Leah in our den for her present opening.  She stayed excited throughout the fact, she stay excited all day long!

 Leah with her gifts.
She is wearing a little rabbit that Julie made her.

 Addy's winter coat--how exciting!

 Addy's winter accessories--more excitement!

 So excited!

 Still excited!

I made Leah and her American Girl doll matching aprons.  I enjoyed making these so much, especially since I was able to use my new serger.  Sewing the doll apron was way harder than the one for Leah!

 the aprons

 We gave Leah a basic Kindle.....she was beyond excited when she opened this!

Leah played with her new gifts, and then we went to lunch at Chick-Fil-A.  After that, she attended a birthday party for one of her friends.  Then we headed back home for her special birthday supper.  She requested homemade potato soup.  Yum!

For dessert we had a delicious cake baked and decorated by Julie!

 Julie with Leah's cake

This was one excited birthday girl!

We ended our day with a visit from Aunt Megan and Millie Janalee!  Fun!  Fun!  They spent the night with us last night, attended church with us this morning, and visited all afternoon.  We had a delightful visit.  We even put Aunt Megan to work while Millie Janalee took her afternoon nap--she helped me hang up some posters and alphabet charts in my schoolroom.

Happy Birthday Leah!

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  1. What does Leah make with all that duct tape? I know you mentioned before she was doing something with it. I am so curious- all of you all's craftiness is so inspiring!!