Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The New Year So Far

January is always busy for me.  Not as busy as December, but still busy.  There are Christmas decorations and such to organize and put away.  There is 2nd semester of school to plan and prepare.  We have two birthdays in January, so that means fun family parties to plan for Leah and Sam. And then there are all of those goals and resolutions to set!  I decided to do like I have the past two years or so, and choose one focus word for the year.  I finally picked a word


More on being steadfast later...I am still pondering and planning. I have a couple of books that I want to read this year.  One of them is Les Miserables.  I am on page eighty-something.  

We started back to school on Monday, doing just Bible and math.  Yesterday and today were full days. And I mean full, eight hour days!  I fell asleep reading aloud to the children after lunch yesterday (Augustus Caesar's World has very long chapters!), so today I flip-flopped our schedule and did all of my reading aloud before lunch.  Even though I was still doing school with Sam at 3:00, I can't fall asleep teaching a wiggly six year old.  He could win the award for wiggling and getting distracted during school!  

I have a couple of posts written for The Homeschool Classroom that will be published later this month. One is about drilling math flashcards, and the other is about helping your children to set goals.  I'll let you know when they are 


  1. I like your word choice!

    I did the same thing this year and I chose 'seek.' It pretty much encompasses what I really need to do--seek God's answers to some questions I have, seek His plan for my days, seek His will. I am hoping to go through the BIble and find all the verses which discuss 'seeking' God. That may actually take me a few least!!

  2. Love your word. One of my goals for this year is to get back to reading blogs. And writing on my own. Yes, when many are setting goals to not be online as much I find that reading a few specific blogs (this one for sure) is a great motivator for me. Not only does it motivate me but I learn so much from other godly women. I just wrote my first blog post in 6 months because I miss keeping a record of our days. So as boring as it may be at times I am back to recording our life.