Friday, January 25, 2013

Friday Night Shopping

I began about 6:50 at Toys R Us.  I was in there only five minutes!  I was looking for a particular Lego set for Sam's birthday (Monday), and they did not have it.

Next was Sam's.  I had my monthly list in hand!  I know that it is not the first of February yet, but I have not done a big Sam's shopping trip since before Christmas.  It was time.  I bought all that I need (except dog food and kitty litter---both are too heavy for me to put in the shopping buggy or the car--Jimmy will have to pick that up for me later) to last us until March.

Last, I went to Walmart.  I had planned on buying the rest of my groceries at Kroger after buying paper goods and shampoo and such at Walmart,  but after spend so much time in there, I realized that what was left on my "food" list after shopping at Sam's were items that I could buy at Walmart.  I really, really prefer to buy my groceries at Kroger, but times like tonight, I make an exception.  Walmart had everything on my grocery list except for Crazy Jane's Seasoning Salt.

While at Walmart I ran into a running friend of ours and visited with him for a while.  He wanted to hear all about our Disney racing experience.  Next I began visiting with an super nice Walmart employee.  We discussed which paper towels were the best buy, and since we couldn't figure it out, I pulled out my phone and we did the math.  We calculated four different brands/quantities and discovered that the Decorator Towels brand was the cheapest per towel!  Now aren't you excited to know that?  And it's the same price whether you buy the 3-pack or the 6-pack.  I went with two 3-packs because they were a cuter print!

While visiting with the Walmart man, I ran into another friend, a nurse who used to work in Jimmy's clinic.  We spent a good bit of time catching up, and then we went to the toilet paper aisle to calculate the Great Value Extra Strong brand vs. the Ultra Charmin that I always buy.  The Great Value was cheaper per sheet, but I still bought the Charmin.

Aren't my Friday nights so fun and exciting?

Also while at Walmart tonight I purchased everything else I needed for Sam's birthday party, a couple of more gifts for him, and all of the children's Valentine's happies, plus supplies for us to make Valentine's cards for others.

I finally arrived home at 10:45!  The bags are all unloaded from the van, the cold stuff is put in the refrigerator or freezer, and the rest of it is resting on the kitchen counter and laundry room floor--waiting for me to put it all away in the morning.

I accomplished so much!
And that is a fun Friday night for me!

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