Friday, January 4, 2013

Our Christmas Eve

Every year on Christmas Eve I have one gift for each of my children to unwrap.  It really is no surprise what is is always pajamas, and most of the time it is pajamas from The Children's Place--those fleecy pajamas.  My children call them polar bear pajamas.  I always act like it is NOT pajamas inside, but of course everyone knows that the only surprise is what color pajamas they are getting!

 Our pretty Christmas tree!

 This year I had a present for Jimmy too!

 Here is everyone opening their gifts....eagerly waiting to see what was inside....

Owl printed pajama pants with matching black t-shirts.

No, they were not "polar bear" pajamas.....
They were "made by Mama" pajamas!
This was my secret sewing project that I had been working so hard on--7 pairs of matching pajama pants!  I know it doesn't seem like much, but it took me way longer than I planned to complete them.

Notice Sam's face.....he was expecting polar bear pajamas, and he was disappointed.  We had a talk about thankfulness!

 a family photo, modeling our new Christmas pajamas!
(Sam is still not happy!)

We were supposed to make a crazy face--Sam is still unhappy, and I did the best I could--my face is crazy all the time!

Everyone went to bed soon after our photo session.....visions of sugarplums were dancing in everyone's heads!


  1. You are so talented. How special!

  2. Oh I love them!! I can see now why you needed your serger!! All of those long legs!

    Poor Sam, maybe polar bears for next year!


  3. Love this! I had intended to make pajamas for my children for their Christmas Eve gift, but in early December I could see that it was not going to happen. (I contemplated doing what you did and just making bottoms and purchasing matching tops--to embroider!--but time was really hard to come by for me this December!) I hope to do it next year! I love your choice of fabrics, too--very cute & gender-neutral! :)