Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Feeding The Preacher

We are having a gospel meeting at our church this week (John Isaac Edwards is our speaker, and he is doing a fantastic job!), and as usual, I signed up to feed the preacher one night.  You know what that means......clean the house!

Not that the preacher is coming over to inspect the house, but hosting the visiting preacher in my home for a meal twice a year is an excuse for me to do some deep and thorough cleaning of my house.  We spent most of the day Monday and a little bit of yesterday doing just that.  We cleaned the entire house from top to bottom.  It is not often that my whole house is all clean in one day!  I also trimmed the overgrown shrubs, Clay and Jimmy mowed the yard, and we all pitched in to scrub, scrub, scrub!  And cook.  While Clay was sweeping out the garage, he asked me, "Is the preacher really going to look at our garage?"  Ha!  I told him that actually the preacher would probably not even leave the den/kitchen area, but it made me feel better to know that the house was clean!

Well, John came for dinner last night, and he did not look at the garage.  But, we had an enjoyable meal, and we all had a good time getting to know him better.  And I am so glad that my house is clean!


  1. My husband doesn't "get" the whole connection between having people over and cleaning house. I always tell him it's not a matter of pride or ocd, but a matter of showing we care about our guest enough to go to the trouble. We want them to feel invited and special, not awkward and uncomfortable. No need to worry about over-cleaning in our much lived-n house : ). Besides, I can't carry on a conversation with someone in our home if it's messy. I would just be going from one thing to the next straightening up, which is what I do when people pop over unannounced!


  2. I once heard someone say that it's better to clean the house when your company leaves because that's when you really need it, but I completely disagree. I would have done the same exact thing as you!! Glad you enjoyed your special meetings and how nice you are to host the preacher!

  3. Hi Roan!
    I've been reading your blog a while and really enjoy your meal plans, running stories, and homeschool ideas. I am a teacher in a public school who has incredibly full days. I used to long to be a homeschool teacher because the pace would be slower. I stand corrected!!!! You are so organized and busy in your classes!