Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Jimmy's Birthday

We began the day with homemade monkey bread.  It was delicious!  We enjoyed a nice family breakfast.  We rarely eat breakfast together, so this was a treat.

 Clay and Sam, ready to eat!

 Leah, sleepy, but smiling!

 Julie and Olivia

After breakfast, we moved to the den for the present opening.  Fun!

 Sam giving his daddy a birthday hug!

Later that morning, Jimmy, Clay, and Sam joined over twenty other dads and sons for a homeschool camp out.  They had a grand time, and Kelly made sure that everyone knew that it was Jimmy's birthday!

The girls and I and some of their friends all went to see the movie Dolphin Tale and out to eat supper.  Fun night!

Saturday morning the boys packed up their campsite and went canoeing.  I took the girls to the Topper Day 5K, and Olivia, Julie, and I all ran the race.  Leah wanted to just watch this one.  I only ran it as a somewhat fun way to get in the remainder of my 39 miles for last week.  Topper Day was nice, and we had a great time!

Saturday afternoon, we all returned home!  After unpacking all of the camping gear and showering, the boys joined us for a nice evening at home.  We had supper together, and then we finally ate Jimmy's flan birthday cake.  We called it flake...cake + flan = flake!

I think Jimmy had a nice birthday weekend!  

Yum!  Yum!

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  1. Did you guys like the flan cake? It looks very moist.