Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Corinth Run With Rotary 5K

 On October 1, our whole family ran in Run With Rotary races.  Everyone but Sam did the 5K, and Sam ran the 1 mile fun run.  It was a cool morning!  Perfect temperatures for running a race.  Jimmy warmed up for the 3.1 mile race by running 11 miles.  When training for a marathon, you get the miles in whenever you can!

 Jimmy and I visiting after the race

I ran with Leah, and she had set the goal of finishing in under 34 minutes.  Her previous PR was 34:07, and she wanted to beat that by at least 8 seconds.  She ran fast!  In the middle of the race, she slowed a little bit, and I told her that we would have to pick up the pace if she wanted to beat 34 minutes.  I told her it was her choice.....and she began to run a little bit faster!  She worked hard!  

And she met her goal!  33:44!  Go Leah!  She was so happy.  And to top it all off, she won first place in her age division (totally unexpected), and she got one of the cool trophies--an actual running shoe!  Hers had pink on it, and that thrilled her even more.

 Leah with her cousin, Grace.  Leah is displaying her orange timing chip.  This is the first race that she has run that had timing chips.  She felt so official!

 Olivia and Leah trying to stay warm after the race.

 Sam approaching the finish line in the fun run!

 All smiles and eating a post-race candy bar!

 Sam's timing chip!  He took the discarded side of someone's official chip and put it on his shoe.  He was convinced that it would help him run fast.
It's still on his shoe!

Sam was so proud of himself during this race!  For a few days afterward, he would tell anyone he came in contact with that he ran a 1 mile race that was over a mile (it actually was 1.2 miles)---with no walking, no jogging!  Just running!  Go Sam!  He is now running one mile (or less) at each of our cross country practices.  He will be faster than me before I know it!

Clay and Olivia after the race

Julie with her shoe trophy!  A man's size 13!
Jimmy's trophy was the mate to this shoe.

Olivia and Clay won a shoe trophy too.  Sam said that next year he wanted to run the 5K so he could win a shoe!  We'll see about that!

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