Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holiday Hint #2

Gift Wrapping Supplies

Wrapping gifts is one of my favorite part of the holidays.  I enjoy the pretty paper and  colorful ribbons so much!  I have bought gift wrap from a variety of places over the years, and I have found that Hobby Lobby gift wrap is my all time favorite.  It is heavy enough to not tear when you wrap a gift, but thin enough to work with.  The width of the paper is good too--not too wide or narrow.  Hobby Lobby has it on sale this week for 40% off, and I bought a few rolls yesterday.  I couldn't resist!

My favorite places to buy ribbon are PaperMart.com or SuperiorGiftWrap.com.  At Paper Mart I buy the 1 1/4 inch poly satin and the 3/4 inch poly satin.  The pink color called cerise is a lovely hot pink color.  At Superior Gift Wrap I buy the Splendorette ribbon.  The green color called citrus is a fantastic lime green.  At both places I also buy curling ribbon, raffia, and tulle.  I have also bought boxes of clear bags from these sites for gifts too.  I don't order from both sites at one time, I just take inventory of my ribbon to see which colors and products I need, and then I check prices at both sites.  I shop at the one that has the best deal for what I need at the time.  Both websites also sell gift wrap.  I have bought wrapping paper from both sites in the past, and the paper is good quality, but the rolls are not very wide.  It is hard to wrap anything larger than a shirt box in their paper.

Today's Hint:
Take inventory of your gift wrapping supplies.
Make a list of what you need to buy, and plan your purchases.

This is what I make sure that I have:

  • white tissue paper (the best buy is from Sam's when they put it out)
  • a variety of brightly colored wrapping paper
  • clear tape
  • basic ribbon (1 1/4 inch) of the common colors
  • 2-3 rolls of 3/4 inch ribbon in red, lime, hot pink
  • curling ribbon in a variety of colors
  • tulle in a few colors
  • raffia in a few colors
  • gift tags (I need some cute ideas for this.....I normally just buy the stick on ones from Hobby Lobby)
  • clear bags


  1. I am so fortunate because my hubby loves to wrap all our presents. And he really gets into it as well! Hope you had a great day!

  2. I buy the stick on tags too. Great idea to get to thinking about this now!

  3. Thanks again for teaching Anna and I how to make bows! I look forward to using my new skill :) to make bows for Christmas this year!

  4. It might be cool if you cut out card stock(brown maybe?) in whatever shape, then used a rubber stamp!