Thursday, September 29, 2011

WTVA Field Trip

This morning I took Leah and Sam on a field trip to our local TV station.  We got a behind the scenes tour of the newsroom.  It was a lot of fun!

Leah and Sam checking out the foot pedal-controlled teleprompter.

The most exciting part of the tour was the weather wall.  The children had so much fun pretending to give a weather report--trying to figure out which way to point to match up with what was projected on the TV screen.

The green weather wall

Trying to figure it all out

On the news!

The Seven Day Forecast

Sitting on the interview couch

I think Leah and Sam really enjoyed this little outing.  The next fun field trip we plan to attend is at the local doughnut shop! 


  1. We went with the first group last week and really enjoyed WTVA too. Hannah had one green sleeve on her shirt and thought it was cool to see the temperature on her arm!

  2. What a fun field trip. My children always loved the green weather board too.

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  4. Well, the above comment was from me! I was going to correct something because I failed to edit first! Live and learn --- I loved homeschool field trips when our kids were younger. We have some of the best memories because of them. This recent trip of yours sounds like one your kids will remember for a long time! And ... the next one sounds yummy for sure!

  5. That looks like fun! We are also going to the Shipley tour!

  6. I've been reading your blog for several months now and I had no idea you from the Tupelo area. How fun! I live in French Camp which is halfway between Tupelo and Jackson on the Natchez Trace. Small world. Thanks for all your posts on homeschooling. I just started Sonlight Core K with my five year old and we are loving it. I also enjoy your menu boards. Keep up the good work!