Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sam's New Watch and a Race

Sam asked for a "running watch", since he is now a self-proclaimed runner.  He has been running at cross country practice (one day he ran a whole mile!), and since he was signed up to run a 1/2 mile Fun Run on Saturday, he asked for a watch!  He wanted to keep up with his time.

Friday night, Jimmy brought home Sam a running watch.  It is a digital watch with a stop-watch feature.  Sam practiced timing himself until bedtime, and the first words out of his mouth Saturday morning when I woke him up at 6:00 AM were about the watch!  

He was ready!

Sam, posing with Leah and THE WATCH before their race.

Even with all of his practicing, his watch timing didn't work exactly right!  When he finished the race (which actually seemed like less than a half mile), his watch read 15 seconds.  The official race clock said 3 minutes, 48 I am thinking that he pressed the stop button too soon.  He may have not started his watch until after the race was over and he thought he was pressing stop.  And then when he found me, he pressed it again--and this time he did actually stop it.  He must have timed from the end of the race until when he showed me his watch.

Anyway!  He doesn't know any different, and he was pleased as could be with running his first race wearing a watch!

Leah and Sam, after the race--still trying to catch their breath!

The other children ran the 5K (This was the Tallahatchie River Run 5K), which began right after the Fun Run.  Jimmy had to work this weekend, so I ran before the race to get my final miles for the week's marathon training, and then I watched and cheered!

The Spartans were able to compete as a cross country team against 5 other schools, as well as compete individually.  Our Spartan girls won 1st place, and the boys won 3rd place.  We now have another team trophy!  

Sam (see the watch) and Jared (one of Lynn's sons) after the race.


Clay, playing frisbee

Leah and Avery (Lynn's daughter), enjoying a snow cone

The Spartan Girls

The family funnel cake.  Sam thought I should get one for each person!  I bought one for the 5 of them to share, and there was still some left over!

It was a beautiful day to run and enjoy time with friends.

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