Tuesday, September 6, 2011

It Feels Like Fall!

We have enjoyed temperatures ranging from the 5os to the low 70s for a couple of days.  We also have gotten several inches of much needed rain.

Yesterday, Julie decorated our house for fall!  Leah had already put our fall placemats on the kitchen table, and with the cooler temperatures, it seemed like a good time to make our home look a little bit autumn-y.  I hope to get by Bath and Body Works tomorrow to pick up some fall scented Wallflowers.

a bowl of little pumpkins on a table in our den

one of several pumpkins on the bookshelves in the den

a cute little grouping of pumpkins on the hearth

Indian corn garland and two fall arrangements on the fireplace mantle.

I love fall!  The cooler temperatures, the beautiful colored leaves on the trees, the crunch of leaves on the ground, running in the cold air, cooking the season's first soup, and an occasional football game.  Before the children began running cross country, we usually had season tickets to the Miss. State football games.  We are hoping to attend at least one home game this fall.  Cross country or 5K races are also fun on crisp fall mornings.  

Have you decorated your home for fall?

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  1. Your home looks lovely. So far we have just decorated the school room. Hope had such a great time doing this.

    We've had cooler temps the last few days as well. Maybe I need to pull out our other fall decorations.