Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Sam's Wardrobe

Sam likes to dress himself.

His idea of fashion and mine are not always the same.  He especially likes to choose his "church clothes".  I lay out his clothes for our Sunday morning service, but when he redresses for our evening service, he usually makes a few changes to the original outfit (which consists of  khaki or navy pants, a shirt with a collar, belt, and brown dress shoes).  He likes to wear long shorts with his original Sunday morning shirt, belt, shoes, and yes, the tall dark socks.  The old man tourist look.

One Wednesday night he came down dressed for Bible study in jeans, running shoes, a navy shirt with the word "Run" on the front, and a too little (by 3 or 4 inches) navy sport coat.  Lovely.  People actually laughed (quietly) as we filed in to our pew.

For every day wear, he sometimes chooses a monochromatic color theme--navy shorts with a navy t shirt (Clay used to do the same thing!) or red shorts with a red shirt.  Other times he chooses a shirt that he really loves, and he will wear it for several days in a row!  He did this last week.

I dug out a MSU jersey for him to wear to the football-watching party last Thursday night.  He loved that jersey!  And he wore it for three days straight.  I finally washed it Saturday, and he seems to have forgotten it...... for now!

Sam rarely sleeps in pajamas.  After his bath he just dresses in whatever he is going to wear the next day.  It could be jeans or a bathing suit, or something in between.  That saves time!

Here are a few pictures of the beloved MSU jersey.

Here we are at the Prince's house.  Sam is also wearing his Sky Dogs MSU hat. Another favorite!
Can you see his missing teeth?
Can you see my gray hair?

Posing in the shirt on Thursday night

Still wearing it on Friday night--he did change shorts.

As I am typing this, Sam is still in his pajamas---this time not day clothes, but still an interesting choice.  Clay's plaid boxer shorts and a green and white snowflake long sleeved pajama top.

Good memories!


  1. Too cute! I wish Hope could wear something for more than 3.5 hours let alone a couple of days. She is one messy girl, who constantly changes clothes out of need not want.:)
    I love to see children choose their own outfits. It is usually very entertaining. When Hope was 4 she wore pink rainboots with flowers EVERYWHERE we went.

  2. Pictures of these outfits will be really fun to pull out when he's engaged.

    Just sayin'.