Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We're Home!

Jimmy, Heather, and I left our hotel at 4:30 AM eastern time this morning.  We finally arrived home at 3:00 PM central time.  It was a long day of traveling after very little sleep.

I have mixed emotions about what to post about my Boston Marathon experience.  Up until about 3:00 yesterday, I was ready to share with all of you all about the fabulous time we had in Boston.  We took lots of pictures, and I had many fun and funny memories to share.  The marathon itself was difficult.  The hardest one I have ever run.  However the fun and the difficulties pale in comparison to the tragedy that unfolded before our eyes.  I really am still unsure what all I want to write. So, I am going to take some time to get my thoughts together before I post about our trip.

I am so thankful--and that is an understatement--to every single person who contacted us to check on us and our children, to those who offered to help us out in Boston if we needed it, to those who posted on Facebook on our behalf, and to those who prayed for our safe travels home.

It's good to be home and with my children again.  We never know when we get up in the morning if this day will be our last.  We must live each day prepared to meet our Lord.


  1. I'm smacking myself for not knowing you were running...how the heck did I miss that???? But, then, in a way, I'm glad I didn't know. I would have really been freaking out. Am ready to read about your experience when you get ready to share. So glad that you are ok. My first thought when this happened was that maybe it was just time for us to all go home...our heavenly home. I know we don't get to choose the time, but I'm not afraid and am ready when He is.

  2. I am thankful you are home safely.

  3. I am so glad you are home and safe with your family. My first thought when I heard about this was, "This world is not my home."

  4. So very tragic, so glad ya'll are okay and back home with your family!

  5. So glad you are back home safe and reunited with your family!