Saturday, April 13, 2013


I couldn't think of a title, because I am not sure what I am going to write about.  I just know that I have neglected my blog this week, and since a few people read it to keep up with our ordinary life, I figured I better write something.

  • I tried three new recipes this week.  Well, actually, I bought the ingredients and Julie prepared three new recipes this week.  One was definitely a "make this again", one was ok, and we will probably not make it again, and one was--well, I don't know how it was, because Jimmy and I had a little spontaneous dinner date at Oby"s--our favorite restaurant in Starkville.  We ate there when we were dating (24 years ago), and we love going back there and reminiscing.  We both got the roast beef poboy with gravy, just like always.  Delicious.  They have the best bread!
  • The recipes were all found on the blog, Fat Free Vegan. Julie made International Quinoa Salad (this is the one everyone liked!), Cashew Carrot Salad (the ok one), and Roasted Asparagus Salad with Chickpeas and Potatoes (the one I did not try).  I think I would like the asparagus/chickpea/potato dish, so I plan to make that again soon.
  • Do any of you use chia seeds in your cooking?  I have some, but have not used them much.  I plan to experiment with using chia seeds in our smoothies and baked goods.....please share any ideas you have! 
  • We are nearing the end our our school year!  Olivia plans to finish all of her courses by May 2, and she will be graduating on May 3!  I cannot believe that!  I ordered her graduation invitations on Thursday.  I can't wait to see them.  Our local homeschool organization has a really nice graduation ceremony that features the Kindergarten graduates, the 8th graders, and of course the seniors.  There are twenty seniors participating in the graduation program this year.  
  • The other four children will continue their schoolwork until May 29 or 30.  If Jimmy is off May 30 (and I think he might be) then we will end our school year on May 29.  If he works that day, then May 30 will be our last day.  I haven't seen his May work schedule yet.
  • Clay, Leah, and Sam will not finish their entire Sonlight Cores by the end of May.  That's ok.  For Clay, we will just stop (I think he will get to week 30 or so of 36 weeks).  I will look at the remaining read alouds, and if there is one that is too good to skip, I will either read it aloud over the summer (I read aloud to the kids all summer) or I will assign it to him when he does World History again in the 10th grade.  For Leah and Sam, we will just stop where we are (I have a goal of completing through week 30), and I will start where we left off in August.  Then, when they complete the current core, we will just begin the next one.  I don't feel any rush to "double up" just so we can complete a core and begin another one in August.  I am concerned with the quality of our education rather than the quantity. 
  • I have already planned to read both Heidi and The Secret Garden this summer.  Neither of these books are included in Sonlight Cores, and I want Leah and Sam to hear them.  This will be my 4th time to read Heidi aloud.  Maybe only the second time to read aloud The Secret Garden.
  • The marathon is soon.....I still have a time goal of 4:29.  I am getting nervous!


  1. I use the chia seeds in baked oatmeal cups found on I tried making dairy free pudding with them once. I wasn't a fan.

  2. I've heard Chia seeds are great in smoothies, veggie juices, etc. I meant to buy some today and completely forgot when I was at the store. I love that you will finish your curriculum when you start again next school year. I've been wondering what I will do because I want to be finished the first week in June and I don't want to double up. I think we'll try this!!

  3. Hoping and praying that you're okay!