Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Office Day

I used to have Office Day on a weekly basis.  This was a day when I set aside an hour or two to work on paperwork.  Paying bills, answering emails, filing papers, making lists, writing cards or thank you notes, balancing the checkbook, filling out forms, etc.  Doing this once a week keeps the piles of paper manageable and insures that no bills will be paid too late.

However, over the last few years as my daily life has gotten busier, I have failed to keep this once a week appointment with my desk.  It has turned into the tyranny of the urgent for most things and an extended, overwhelming session about once a month.  This is not my preferred way of having an Office Day.  I really need to look at my schedule and choose a weekly time slot to dedicate to paperwork.

Today is going to be one of those extended, overwhelming sessions, but I am writing on my calendar an appointment to have Office Day one day next week.

What about you?  Do you schedule regular time to do this type of work?  I am open to new ideas!

P.S.  I am now down to less than 100 candy-filled Easter Eggs.  We shared tons of them with our cousins, and I gave away more than 100 yesterday at our Spartan XC practice.  I plan to share the rest of them with our friends at Bible study tonight.  If we don't give the rest of them away soon, we are all going to turn into chocolate--from eating so much!

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