Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Getting Back to "Normal"

I think that today is the very first day in over a week that has felt almost "normal".  We did school all day.  I folded 5 loads of clean clothes, and I helped Clay clean out all of his drawers and closet.  We took out all of the clothes that he has outgrown.  For now, they are in a basket in a corner of Sam's room.  It will be a few years before those clothes will fit Sam!  After I go through Sam's clothes, I can make room to store the clothes that he is waiting to grow into.  I also have to go through the other four children's closets and drawers.  It's that time of year!  Time to purge and restock.  I was happy to find that Clay did not need anything new!  

I slept last night without waking multiple times.  I did not dream of the bombers or the victims or the race.  I just slept.  Thankfully.  So far today I have not checked the latest headlines on Fox News or CNN on my phone or iPad.  

I plan to make a menu tomorrow for the next week and buy groceries on Friday.  I need to get back into my normal routine, and focus on what I am doing.  I also need to start running again.  I ran a couple of miles last Saturday morning with Leah, and I ran three miles with Sam, Lynn, and Avery at the Runners Unite For Boston event held Monday night.  But I need to get out and run hard and clear my head.  I need to run with Lynn or Leanna or Heather, but I also need to get outside and run by myself.  I plan to run either alone or with a friend tomorrow morning.  Bright and early.

Just trying to get back to normal.  But never forgetting.  And always praying. 

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  1. I am thankful you had peaceful sleep. I am praying for you as you get back into your routine!