Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My Homeschool Classroom Post

I wrote a post for The Homeschool Classroom a few weeks ago that was published yesterday.  I was so busy doing my last long run before the marathon---yay!!!, making my weekly grocery list and shopping at Sam's and Kroger, cleaning our our linen closet (that really needed to be done), and then taking Leah to her Keepers At Home Meeting, that I never even used my laptop yesterday.

So this morning, I am sharing the link.  11 Ways to Help A Sick Homeschool Mom.  While I shared my personal experience of receiving compassion last year, these same ideas could be used for any mother or friend going through some hard times.  We need to look for ways to be compassionate.  We are all so busy with our hectic daily lives (myself included), that I think that we sometimes feel like we don't have the time or resources to help someone in need.  But we do.  And, as the person extending the helping hand, you will be blessed too!

I am reading a book called Margin right now.  Well, I am trying to read it.....I am so tired when I get in bed at night that I usually just want to play spider solitaire on my iPad until I fall asleep instead of reading something intellectually stimulating!  In this book the author (I can't think of his name right now) has spent over a hundred pages telling the reader why we need margin, why our society experiences so much stress because we don't have margin in our lives, how people who lived 100 years ago did not have many of the modern conveniences that we enjoy, yet they had overall less stress in their lives, because they had margin.  I understand my lack of margin.  I need margin.  If anything out of ordinary comes up in my day, I sometimes panic!  Where will I fit it in??  So, I am telling this book that I am reading.....I get your point about the detriments of living a life without margin---I am living that life!  Please tell me how to create margin in my life.  I am hoping that the author will answer my questions soon.  Have any of you read this book?  Do I need to continue reading it?  Did it help you create margin in your life?

Have a good Tuesday!


  1. I have this book on my phone/Kindle. I read it when I am waiting. I feel the same need for margin. I am also hoping the end of the book has answers.

  2. I read this book years ago when I was an overworked law student. It shifted my paradigm. It had a ripple effect on my choices. Because of that paradigm-shift I no longer practice law, & I stay home and homeschool my two sweet children! I think the 'how' really boils down to individual choices; everyone is different, but it encouraged me to take stock of what my biggest priorities are and how I could/can separate the wheat from the chaff. Not sure if it was that book or another that encouraged me to eschew busy-ness in favor of fruitfulness, but that's the essence of the issue!