Friday, April 26, 2013

Olivia's 18th Birthday

Last week we celebrated Olivia's 18th birthday.  We began Friday night with a dinner at the local Indian restaurant. (I can't remember the name of it, but it's near Jimmy's clinic).

 Sam and Clay at the restaurant

 Olivia, Jimmy, and Leah

The next morning, we continued our celebration.  I decorated the table with a brightly colored animal print scheme.  I even found wrapping paper to match!  

We did not begin our day with a birthday breakfast, but an early morning family run instead.  We went to Ballard Park and we all ran varying distances while we took turns watching Sam play on the playground.  After our run, we enjoyed breakfast at Starbucks.

 the birthday table

 Sisters before the run

When we arrived home, Olivia opened her birthday gifts.

 a couple of handmade items from Leah

 a special candle holder crafted by Clay

 It is made from part of our old dishwasher and a saw blade.

Later in the morning, Olivia's friend, Anna Beth, picked her up for and outing to the mall.  They planned to enjoy lunch together and then go to Build A Bear so Olivia could build a bear!  Yes.  Anna Beth's gift to Olivia was a gift card to Build A Bear.  The gift card was in the cutest little miniature Build A Bear box!  They had such a fun time!

 Olivia and Anna Beth before their trip to the mall.

 Back home again with the new bear.

I cooked a special birthday supper for Olivia--she requested zucchini pasta and salad.  Julie lovingly made her the prettiest and tastiest lemon birthday cake.

 the pretty cake

 blowing out her 18 candles

sweet sisters

It was a lovely birthday celebration!


  1. What a special day for Olivia! I am so happy that she and her friend went to the mall to make a Build-A-Bear! It shows how sweet they are, not worldly!

    Happy Birthday Olivia!


  2. Happy 18th birthday Olivia! What a beautiful young lady! Your family always makes birthdays so special with handmade gifts and homemade cakes giving your time to say we love you. :) Very cool candleholder, Clay!