Thursday, April 4, 2013

Not Much to Say

I don't have much to say, but I am blogging anyway.

Today has been an uneventful day.  We started school at 9:00 AM, but before that I got up  early enough to do some B90 reading and run seven miles.  We did school, cleaned the basement, and enjoyed a game of dominoes after supper. I am still about 6 days behind in my B90 reading--for various reasons--so I think this time it will be a B100 Bible reading plan.  I am almost through with Jeremiah.  Yesterday morning Sam woke up while I was still reading.  He asked me to read what I was reading aloud to him.  He stayed close beside me for four chapters before he wandered off!

We stopped our DirectTV service a couple of months ago (short story.....we rarely watched TV, and paying over $100 a month for something you rarely use seemed like a silly expense.  Plus there are so many other productive things we can do instead of watching TV on those occasions that we were watching).  The ONLY time I have missed having "cable TV" is while running on the treadmill.  TV shows are my lifesaver while running on that treadmill.  I used to record a few shows and watch them, fast forwarding through the commercials while running.  I will admit that for a couple of weeks I was lost without cable in my workout room.  We tried NetFlix, but we found that there weren't enough shows that we were interested in available on DVD.  So I bought Season 1 of The Waltons on DVD at Sam's.  I like that show, but it was NOT good running material!  Then I watched National Treasure--a movie that I have heard in the van numerous times, but have never seen.  It was a great distraction!  I ran almost five miles without checking the distance!

Recently I ordered Season 4 of 19 Kids and Counting, and those episodes are good for shorter runs.  But my most favorite, especially for longer runs is ER.  I bought Season 1.  From 1993!  I did not realize that ER came out that long ago.  I saw most of the episodes in the early 90's....until I began having children in 1995, and then my TV watching days were mostly over.  My seven mile run flew by this morning watching the excitement of ER.

Clay is almost a full time blacksmith.  He regularly finishes his school before 9:00 AM (all except for the Sonlight reading that I read to him....and that will end at the end of this school high school my children are no longer required to listen to me read their history and literature books....they read them alone...but I welcome them to listen to everyone else's read alouds....I digress).  Anyway, Clay is either at his forge, or in the workshop most of the day.  And he gets so dirty!  Black soot everywhere.

I have FOUR MORE TRAINING RUNS BEFORE THE MARATHON.  Just four.  And I am happy about that.  A 10 mile run (tomorrow morning), a 15, a 4, and a 3.  Yipee!

This picture of this shirt (the one on the left) pretty much sums it all up.

Well, I guess I had more to say than I thought when I first started!


  1. I love ER! I have Season 2 or 3 on DVD, I think, so if you run out of episodes for your running you can borrow!

  2. I run my first 5K in the morning, Roan! I'm excited but really nervous as well. I've fallen in love with running!! My oldest daughter is going to run with me tomorrow so that makes it even more special!
    I've had to run on treadmills a couple of times while traveling in the last couple of months and it. is. so. boring. I would so much rather be outside!!

  3. You really inspire me in the running arena! I am doing my very first 5K in August. I know that's not much, but it's a start for a non-runner (at least not yet anyways).

  4. I have discovered that I really like listening to Pandora while I run on the treadmill.
    I have some questions for you about the homeschool XC team. We have been talking about starting one with our co-op where I live. Would you mind e-mailing me at amandaruns81 (at) gmail (dot) com?
    Here are a few of my questions... What age do you let them start?
    Did you have them sign some sort of liability paperwork?
    I am thinking we will be running many 5Ks. Are most families just willing to pay the entry fees for all of them? Thanks!

  5. Which marathon are you running in? I remember last year your husband did Boston (which I am an hour south of).