Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Some Pictures From My Schoolroom

 I got these cute jars at Hobby Lobby.

 My new filing system for "work completed".
The folders are labeled:
  • Olivia Writing (completed papers)
  • Olivia Tests (completed and graded tests)
  • Julie Writing
  • Julie Tests
  • Clay Writing
  • Clay Tests
  • Leah Writing
  • Sam Writing
  • Algebra I Tests (tests to be taken)
  • Algebra II Tests
  • General Science Tests
  • Biology Tests
  • Biology II Tests

 One of the bookshelves in the schoolroom.
Top to bottom:
Sonlight Core Binders
reference books, children's Lang. Arts binders and study guides
miscellaneous books that don't fit into any Sonlight Core
easy readers

 an up-close of the binders

 the Kindergarten alphabet box

 the alphabet files inside the box

the Sonlight Core binders


  1. Love it! So neat, organized & pretty! Have a great year :)

  2. So organized! I love it. Looks like you are ready for a great year.

  3. I love jars and baskets - looks great!

  4. I need to get in touch with you, can you shoot me an email at thekelley8 at live dot com? Thanks!

  5. So nice! I have that SAME basket that I use to organize house stuff....did you get it at Pier One? I am so inspired by you!

  6. Love your work completed filing system. I'm trying to avoid that by keeping up with their work throughout the day and having them grade the bulk of their work (older kids). I may need to go to something similar though once more work starts coming in. You're so organized and I love borrowing ideas from you. I laminated our checklists today like you did. I think it's really going to help them know what to do next. Thanks for the good idea.


  7. Your blog is amazing! I have just started reading it and it is very encouraging. Actually found you through a search through google to find things to do to keep your toddler busy while homeschooling. This is my second year to homeschool. My oldest is 6 (1st grade), middle is 3 (3/4 sonlight) and one crazy 18m old. All that being said it is my first year for Sonlight and a bit overwhleming! Do you have a post that explains how you specifically organize the Sonlight curriculum?