Monday, August 22, 2011

Menu Monday and More

Saturday, I did a little bit of cooking for the freezer.  I have a new cookbook (referred to me by my friend Celee) called Fix, Freeze, and Feast.  I used the recipe for red sauce, which is basically spaghetti sauce.  It made 40 cups!  This is what I ended up with:

  • 1 pan of spaghetti, which we ate Saturday night and Sunday for lunch
  • 1 bag of red sauce for future spaghetti
  • 2 large pans of manicotti
  • 1 large pan of lasagna
  • 3 bags of red sauce to be used for homemade pizza or to be served over frozen ravioli.
I also did a big Sam's Club shopping trip Saturday plus my regular weekly Kroger shopping trip, so I made a list of suppers I can cook.  The groceries I bought should last us until the first weekend in September.  I will have to buy more fresh fruit and milk, but other than that, we are set!

Here is my menu list.  I am not going to do another big grocery shopping trip until we eat all of this food!  I printed out this list and taped it inside my pantry door.  I will cross off each supper as we eat it.

Meals Onhand

spaghetti with sauce
spaghetti with sauce

frozen ravioli with red sauce

manicotti, corn
manicotti, frozen veggie

grilled chicken, frozen veggie, baked potatoes
grilled chicken, salad
grilled chicken, tortillas

tortellini soup
tortellini soup


shrimp and veggie stir fry

homemade pizza (red sauce veggies, and pepperoni)
homemade pizza (red sauce veggies, and pepperoni)

shrimp scampi

grilled cheese sandwiches

I also tackled a huge job yesterday---I cleaned out one of my refrigerators, the one in my laundry room.  This refrigerator stores our soft drinks, gallons of milk, extra cheese and butter, popsicles, frozen vegetables (all of those peas I put up), ice packs, ice cream, and other items as well.  Recently, a coke exploded in there, and you can imagine the mess that created.  Stickiness everywhere!  I spent over 2 hours scrubbing down that refrigerator/freezer, throwing old food away, and reorganizing what was left.  It's beautiful now!  I had intended to clean out all three of my refrigerators, but as usual, my tasks take way more time and energy than I plan for them to.  So, I stopped after one!

And the last news of the day.......

Sam lost another tooth!

And he pulled it out with his pliers!

Please visit OrgJunkie for more menu inspiration.


  1. Wow! Kudos on all the freezer meals!! I prep all our dinners ahead... I do everything for the week on Sunday afternoon, and I've been putting up some here and there to the freezer. Feels REALLY good to have homemade meals read to go at a "moment's notice!"
    Congrats on the lost tooth, too! I am impressed!!
    I am a HS'er too btw and your newest follower!! :)

  2. Maybe Sam should go to work with Uncle Rhett one day:)!

  3. Good job, Sam! I'll have to check into the cookbook....with baby coming and the fact that I always go so early, it would be great to have meals on hand to just pull out as needed!