Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Clay's Shadow

Clay has a shadow, all day, every day!  His name is Sam.  He dresses like Clay, tries to talk like Clay, and he wants to do every thing that Clay does.  Fortunately, Clay serves as an excellent example for his younger brother.  He is patient with him, and he spends most of his waking (and sleeping--they share a room) hours with him.  They do chores together, work in their shop together, work in the woods, ride bikes and four-wheelers together, and really do almost everything together.

Last week when Clay was out mowing the grass, Jimmy pointed out Sam to me.  He was Clay's shadow.  Every step Clay made, there was Sam, one step behind.

Clay taught Sam how to put the bag back on the mower.

 Almost got it

 All ready for Clay now

 Getting a drink before getting back to work

The yard looked great when the boys were done!


  1. Your children always seem kind and gentle with one another. Ya'll are great parents!!

    How do you like the Lamplighter book The Hidden Hand? I really enjoyed it. Have you read That Printer of Udells (Ronald Reagan's favorite book) or Ishmael and is sequel. Those are my favorites...ok, some of my favorites.

  2. Please email me some tips on how to better encourage this in my boys. My girls are just like this- hand in hand, working and giggling together all day long. My 12 yr old son is quiet and contemplative, he likes things a certain way (thus the nickname Monk) and his 5 yr old little brother is loud, destroys things (yes, we really are working on this) and I'm afraid annoys his older brother to no end. I can see Kurtis trying with him at times and I always try to praise him when I catch it in process, but mostly I hear sighs and see rolled eyes. It is discouraging at times, especially since our older son so desperately wanted a younger brother. Now he has him, but isn't sure what to do with him. We've gone through Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends two times largely for this reason. Any advice is appreciated.