Friday, August 26, 2011

As If We Didn't Already Have Enough!

Pets, that is!

3 dogs.
3 cats.

Introducing pet # 7!

His name is Pokey.  We found him at the park at cross country practice on Tuesday.  My friend, Kim graciously took him home....but her husband did not want them to keep the little puppy....they already have about 25 animals!  The animal shelter is full.....

So yesterday, Kim brought him back to cross country practice, and we took him home!

Not surprisingly, he is not in perfect health.  He seems to have some sort of hip issue, and he has a skin problem.  He will fit right in with our other less than perfect animals!

I am taking him to the vet at 4:00 today.

1 comment:

  1. He is adorable! He has found a very good home.