Friday, August 12, 2011

Canning Tomatoes

For our very first Home Ec class of our new school year, Olivia, Julie, and I canned tomatoes.  This was my first time to can anything!  I asked several people and also researched online how to do it, and everyone told me a little bit differently.  So, I combined everyone's advice, and we got it done!

 The box of tomatoes my neighbor dropped off on my front porch.

 Tomatoes spread out in the laundry room to ripen a little bit.

 Beautiful tomatoes!

 Olivia, working hard at the stove.  I think this was taken during the "boil the chopped tomatoes for 5 minutes" phase.  I am not sure.  We were up to our ears in tomatoes!

 Tomatoes, cooking away!

 Doesn't that look yummy?

 Julie, taking her turn with the stirring.

The finished product!

I proudly put these canned tomatoes on display in my kitchen.  They are resting on a high shelf--above my cookbooks--so we can all admire them whenever we are in the kitchen. 


  1. We'll be canning tomatoes today, except I think I will be canning them with okra as a soup base. We'll have more to can next week....probably as spaghetti sauce!

  2. That's really cool! We were hoping to have lots of tomatoes from the garden this year, but it's been too hot for tomatoes. So sad. I may try canning some green beans, but freezing them seems to work really well.

    I would display them proudly, as well. My soap making didn't go so well. Epic fail, as my kids would say.


  3. 1. Your backsplash rocks.
    2. Your girls are beautiful.
    3. I NEED INSTRUCTIONS on how to do this!!! Every year we give tons of tomatoes away from our garden so they won't go bad and this year we couldn't give enough away. What a waste. I need to learn to can. Will you post directions?

  4. They look beautiful! I have picked around 200 tomatoes since Saturday. Almost all of them have ended up as salsa or marinara. Canning is a lot of work, but I love to have it in the winter!!

  5. I am so glad they turned out! We always put ours on the counter for a few days so we can look at them too.
    We especially love it during the Winter when we can just pull them out for chili, spaghetti, and stews.
    If you tried something different than the directions I gave you, please share them...something faster maybe?!!