Thursday, August 4, 2011

First Day of School Report

We survived!

I have pictures to share, but I will have to do that later.  The day went well.  We started promptly at 8:00 with our treasure hunt.  That took a while, and then we had a "back to school field trip" to Smoothie King.  So, we actually began our school work at 10:00 AM.  I followed my schedule all day, just setting my timer on my phone for each segment.  It was crazy!  I even set the timer for 30 minutes for lunch!

Today will be a better test of how things will flow since we are going to start schoolwork at 8:00.  Yesterday, everyone was through by 3:50, except for the girls' home ec class....and we promptly began canning tomatoes for our first home ec lesson.  The canning took us until 6:45, so it was a long school day!  Today will be a regular 45 minute home ec lesson, so I am hoping, hoping that we will be done with all of our schoolwork by 3:30!

I plan to answer all of the questions that were left in the comments on yesterday's post....sometime soon!

I better get busy!  School begins in 30 minutes!


  1. First day of school already? Congratulations on a successful day. We hope to begin August 29th.

  2. I am tired just thinking about all you did! What a day. But, doesn't it feel great when you look back over your day and realize how much you have accomplished?