Monday, March 14, 2011

A Rainy, Dreary Monday

a little bit of spring cheer

Today's weather has been so dreary! It has rained and rained all day. But on the bright side, we did not have to leave the house today. The children's piano teacher is taking Spring Break this week, so we didn't have piano lessons this afternoon. We were able to complete all of our schoolwork, and I even read a little bit extra in both Core K and Core 5 of our Sonlight reading. However, we are now behind in one of our Core 5 books, because it is MISSING! I have no idea where that book can be. I keep all of our current Sonlight read aloud books in a basket in our den. We misplaced another Sonlight book earlier in the year, but it was a read alone for Julie and Clay. After looking for it for several days, I finally just bought it for the iPad. Of course, we found the book the very next day on the bookshelf that I had looked through multiple times! I sure hope this book turns up before tomorrow!

To brighten the afternoon, the girls (mostly Leah) made tissue paper flowers. We placed them in two vases, and along with our spring placemats, now our table looks really springy. I guess I
need to take the Valentine's decorations off of the light fixture hanging above the table. Leah also made a pipe cleaner lei. I found a link to the decorations at The Homeschool Classroom. I cannot figure out how to link to the exact post, but you can go to The Homeschool Classroom (where I will have an article about helping your homeschool day run more smoothly on March 24), and scroll down to the post about spring crafts. Cute ideas!

I hope you have had a good Monday too!


  1. Thank you for replacing my button with the new one that works. I replied to your comment on revelation on my blog, thank you.

    I think the spring flowers are beautiful! We're taking a week off school, or most of the week. The girls are at camp until tomorrow night and I'm meeting up with another homeschool mom at the park Wednesday for a picnic and fun.

    Have you enjoyed Core 5 this year? I'm so excited to order our materials for next year, but am waiting on the new catalog. I think I'm going to the 4 day schedule for next year. I'm hoping to move my kids' music lessons to Wed, our Bible study day. It would be great to just be off on Wed. The kids would still do math, but that's it.

    Will you do Cores 6 and 1 next year?

    Have you decided on a who to use for Geometry, or was it Algebra II?


  2. Love the pretty flowers!

    We lost a "Story of the World" book earlier this year, and I finally went and bought a new one. A week or so ago, when I cleaned out the homeschool books, I found it! Isn't that the way it always works!?!? :)

    Hope you find the one you are missing now before you have to replace it. Maybe your library will have a copy if yours doesn't show up soon!

  3. Cores 3/4 and alt 7 don't have 4 day plans since they are already condensed. I know b/c we're doing 3/4 this year plus I added a bunch of extra books, crazy person that I am. I think we're on week 28 or 29, but that's because I dropped most of the LAs. I figure they're learning Greek and doing Grammar Ace and Wordly Wise on their own so that will just have to do for this year. I don't remember learning to write before 7th grade anyway.

    I can't wait to see what you decide for math. My 11 yr old son really loves TT Algebra I. Maybe he just loves it compared to Saxon since that's all he knows. I don't know why I've pushed Twinkle Toes so much in math. It's not her thing and I'm going to let her finish Saxon 6/5 next year. We've taken a break for the last couple of months and she's completing the Aleks math pie (supposedly a complete curriculum, but it's only a few months worth of work.)

    We were planning on going to China next year, but now I'm wondering if we shouldn't go to either India or Africa. Either way, I can't wait to get started in Core 5!

    Have a great rest of your Spring break!