Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Our Spring Break

Hello Blog Readers!

This is our spring break, and I have been busy as a bee! Of course my list is way longer than the time I have, but I am whittling away a little of it.

This is the next to last week of our marathon training. It is considered a taper week--but we still have 35 miles on the schedule. I have already run 3 Monday, 9 yesterday, and 8 today. That leaves 15 for Friday, our last long run before the big event. Next week, the week of the marathon (I can't believe that week is almost here!), we just have a 4 mile run on Monday, a 3 mile run on Tuesday, and then rest, rest, rest, until the actual marathon. I am not sure what I will do with the extra time!

Monday I began cleaning out my boys' room. A deep clean. I moved beds, cleaned baseboards, vacuumed, and dusted. I scrubbed their bathroom. And then I began cleaning out--the floor to ceiling shelves, the entire walk in closet, and every single drawer (two chests, two night stands, and one desk).

I didn't finish Monday, because I had to go to Corinth to have my windshield replaced on my van. We had a nice visit with Jimmy's parents and his sister and her family. We had a small birthday celebration for Jenny and Clay who share a birthday. Jimmy, Clay, and Sam met us girls there. They had left earlier in the day for a short trip to Memphis to check out the Bass Pro Shop.

Yesterday after my run I ran a couple of errands, and then I got back to work on the boys' room. I cleaned until it was time to cook supper. Jimmy took the three older children for a trail run while I cooked.

Today after my run I went back upstairs to finish the boys' room. And it is finished! Well, almost--I left a pile of junk (I mean valuable stuff) for Clay to go through and make a decision about. I also left 3 small baskets of parts and pieces. I am not sure what they go with, and I will need Clay to put each piece where it belongs. Also, I am assigning Clay a lego organization task. The lego storage has gotten a little bit out of hand. I need him to find a home for each stray (and there are a couple of hundred) lego piece that I found while cleaning. Plus I want him to do something with the several large boxes of legos that have only about five pieces inside. We need to consolidate our lego pieces. I sorted Sam's legos yesterday by color. I also put the speciality pieces in their own boxes. I am not sure what Sam thinks about my work, but the clear boxes of sorted by color and type legos sure look great to me!

No pictures. I am too tired to go back up there right now!

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  1. I so need to do this. My oldest two girls and I went to Nicaragua Spring Break so that took my cleaning week away. I am afraid if I try tackling alone I will get lost in the mess.