Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Pops!

Yesterday was my daddy's birthday. I took the children down to my parents' house for a quick visit. My mama decorated the birthday table with a St. Patrick's Day theme, and my grandmother made his birthday cake with a shamrock on top.

Pops opening his gifts

Julie, Olivia, and Clay sporting green glasses

Sam, Mims, and Leah in their glasses

Clay and Pops
I'm not sure why Clay has on two pair of glasses.

Leah and Meme

Do you like my green hair?
I wore this headband most of the evening since I didn't wear green.

the yummy cake

We enjoyed a delicious supper and dessert with my family. The girls sewed and crafted while the boys ran around in the backyard and played with Legos.

I spent most of my time updating my parents' electronics....their computer, their iPad, syncing pictures for them.....I also used their wireless internet to update all of my electronics. They have much faster internet than we do at home, so I always take advantage of it!

Happy Birthday Pops!


  1. Happy Birthday, Pops! Family time is the best! We're headed to an 8 year old family birthday tomorrow. I take tons of pictures at these events and we all love to look back and share the memories :)
    My oldest is 18 old are we again?? ;)

  2. Happy Birthday to your Daddy!
    Looks like ya'll had lots of fun.
    I love your green hair!

    Miss you all.

  3. Special Happy Birthday to your Daddy. Looks like everyone had such a fun time. What a beautiful family you have. Happy Spring!