Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Neat Menu Planning Site

I recently discovered this website while looking for a menu calendar type app for my iPad. I found, and it is a cool site as well as an iPad/iPhone app. In fact, you must use the website to manage your calendars and plans, but you can access your info with the app. So even if you don't have an iProduct, you can still use this program!

I used the Menus part to list all of the meals that I normal cook for supper. Then I used the Planner part to put the meals on a particular day of the month. You can view the entire month at one glance. I shop weekly, so I am only adding my menus to the planner one week at a time, but I can see the entire month. This keeps me from serving the same things over and over. If you wanted to plan your entire month at one time, you could!

It has a Recipes section, but I have not even explored that yet. Normally, I just refer to my own blog for recipes that I have posted, use a cookbook, or retrieve a recipe from my documents if I have typed and saved it. Since I keep my laptop on my kitchen counter, I can easily cook while looking at my computer screen. Maybe entering all of the recipes into this program would be useful.

Happy Menu planning!

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  1. This is so cool, Roan...I've been looking for something like this. I just downloaded the app to my ipad and can't wait to play with it :)