Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm Behind

Well, what a week it has been!

School, running, and that's about all!

I am so behind in everything it seems....behind in my B90 reading (Bible in 90 Days)--I am supposed to be finished on March 31. I am not giving up, I am persevering, but I AM going to have to carve out some serious time to catch up. I have not used either of the two "free" days (that B90 is actually B88, you get two free days), but I plan to use them right now, so I can get caught up.

I am behind in my housekeeping.....the dusting, vacuuming, bathroom cleaning, microwave and stove cleaning, laundry, ironing....

I am behind in my household goals for the year.....the major clean-out projects.

I still have not read past the first page in my current book, Large Family Logistics.

We are on week 23 of 36 in our Sonlight cores. Now, we are not behind because we have not been doing school, it's just that we have had 4 day school weeks this entire school year. I have finally admitted to the children that we are going to have to go to "year round homeschool", since doing school 4 days a week does not allow for 3 months off in the summer! I think we are all fine with that. We take off from school when Jimmy is off from work. That's one of the reason we homeschool--to spend time together as a family. So when he works, we school. When he is off, we play and work together as a family. As my older children are getting older, I am finding that I cannot fit their courses (especially high school ones) in 4 day weeks plus having December off, plus a fall break, plus a spring break, plus 10 weeks off in the summer. That's just the way it is.

We began our Spring Break today! We had a friend come over to teach the children cake decorating this afternoon. Tomorrow Jimmy and four of the children are running a race. Tomorrow is also Clay's birthday! And Lynn and I are still plugging along with our marathon training. This week's mileage is 44 miles. We ran 17 this morning. Two weeks from tomorrow is the big day!

Here is what Jimmy and the boys have been doing lately.


  1. I have recently decided that we will do year round schooling because I want Hope to realize that learning is just part of our lives. I really wish I had done this with my older ones but we always took the summer off.

  2. I just have to have a break in the summer. I'm already counting down toit. Our schedule really changes because the kids swim in the mornings from 7:30-9:30 all summer. I love getting up and walking at the park with the little ones while the big ones swim. We're going to finish on time only because I cut a few things out. Hopefully we'll make up for it next year. Nobody has a perfectly COMPLETE education, after all.

    We had 13 kids in the house last night, 8 girls spent the night for my older daughter's 10th birthday. My 2 yr old's folliculitis is back with a vengeance so off to the Dr. again tomorrow right after church. (She's been battling molluscum and every time she gets it zapped and it leaves an open wound she ends up with staph or last time staph and strep. All that by way of saying, I'm behind, too. I'm finishing up Colossians so I think I'll be done with the 90 day challenge in a few days, but it won't be easy.

    Take care and be encouraged. We never have time to do everything we want to. I'm just now coming to terms with that. I insist on getting a bath tonight, though : ).


  3. Please tell Clay that we George peeps say 'HAPPY-HAPPY BIRTHDAY'!!!
    He is a fine young man.
    I heard he is flying instead of running! :)

    Cale and I will be in Tupelo at the Library Monday afternoon around 4. He'll be working on the annual; I will be browsing! :)

    Have a blessed Lord's day tomorrow.

    Much Love,

  4. This is our fist year homeschooling and we are just entering week 20 in Sonlight. I had decided before Christmas that we are going to do school year round. I still have 2 in public school, I would like to bring them home for school too, but for now this is what we have.

    I don't know how summer will play out, we do a lot of swimming, dancing and just playing, but I think I will just involve the other two in our schoolwork. Thanks for sharing where you are, it is really encouraging to me.

  5. One of the blessings of homeschooling is being able to work your schedule around what is best for your family. I'm glad that school year-round will allow all of you to spend time with Jimmy when he is off.

  6. We also do a 4 day school week, but we double up at least one day so we complete 5 days of work in four days. It works well for us, though as they get older and need more time for certain subjects we may need to switch to a 5 day school week.