Friday, December 3, 2010

A Trip With the Dogs

Earlier this week Olivia and I made the annual trek to the vet with over 150 lbs. of dog! I dread this vet visit each year.....our two outside dogs, Ribsy (named this because when she was dropped off at our house just shortly after we moved in, she was skin and bones....they named her Ribsy after the skinny dog in Henry Huggins) and Lucky (named this because he was lucky that I allowed the children to keep him--he was also a stray) are not leash trained, because they are yard dogs. The only time we put them on a leash is to take them to the vet once a year.

Olivia, in the back of the truck with Ribsy (black and white) and Lucky (black and hairy) both in her lap.

Here is Ribsy, crushing Olivia while trying to get a better look out the window. Where is Lucky?

In the front seat with me!

I think he is asking me why we are stopped for so long---we got caught by a train!

Still patiently waiting......

I don't think she actually sat on Joy.

We finally made it to the vet's office, and then the fun really began. I held little Joy, and Olivia tried to wrangle Lucky and Ribsy on their leashes. Amid much shrieking, dragging, and laughing, she entered the clinic, bursting through the door. Wow! We had arrived. And everyone in the clinic knew it.

The dogs all got checked in, and we left them for the day. We returned later that afternoon for three clean and happy dogs. Sadly, we learned that Ribsy has active heartworms. She has battled heartworms for 6 years (she was positive when she was dropped off at our house when she was just a skinny puppy). She will begin active treatment that involves two, four day hospital stays in March. For now, she must take three more months of heartworm medication before her treatment begins. Up until now, the monthly medication alone has kept her well enough.

The ride home was less eventful. Olivia and I have learned that when we get home, to just brace ourselves and open the truck door. We did just that, and they bolted!

And took their clean little selves straight to the woods to rub off all of the cleanness!


  1. Sounds like an adventure for sure, sorry to hear that Ribsy has heart worms.

  2. You need a vet who makes house calls! Good luck with your race tomorrow!

  3. They're almost as bad as the kids!
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