Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cookie Mix in a Jar

The Backs of the Finished Jars

A week ago I spent the afternoon preparing 10 Cookie Mixes in a Jar to give to the children's Sunday morning and Wednesday night Bible class teachers. I have never made these before, but one of my students at Rustic Youth Camp this summer gave me a cookie mix in a jar as a thank you gift for helping teach his class. I thought it was the cutest idea, so I decided to make some for gifts myself.

I searched online for Cookie Mix in a Jar recipes, and I found around 50. I chose two. Some of my jars contained chocolate chip cookie mix and the others contained butterscotch oatmeal. I am not sure which site I actually used for my recipes--I copied, pasted, and printed them out, but the website is not on the paper.

The whole process took longer than I expected (I think all of my projects do!), but I was very pleased with the results. Here are the steps if you want to try this.

  • Use wide mouth canning jars. The jars with narrow mouths would be very hard to fill.
  • Place all the ingredients on your counter, and fill the jars in an assembly line fashion. I did step one to all jars, then step two to all jars, etc.
  • Be sure to firmly pack down each ingredient before adding the next one. I even had to pack down the flour. My hands were the best tool for the packing.
  • After putting the lids on the filled jars, cut a cute fabric into squares about 7 inches square. I used pinking shears to keep the fabric from raveling.
  • Put a rubber band around the jar lid to hold on the fabric square.
  • Tie a decorative ribbon on top of the rubber band. I used a length of curling ribbon, and then I made a simple bow using more curling ribbon and some raffia.
  • Print out directions on paper, hole punch them, and tie them on each jar.

The Finished Product


  1. This is a great idea!! I've seen these and received them but never made them.

    Ha! I think we're all crazy :) I've made some shorter lists and just last week made a list of 10 that I hope Santa brings, but I haven't made a list of 100. Both Amazon and Barnes and Noble put out 100 best books of the year each year. There is also a book that was just published called 1000 books to read before you die (or some such as that). You very well could have read it on another blog too bc there are all kinds of lists going around right now.

    I didn't get my Ipad...yet. We had to postpone travel plans bc of the flu and are actually just getting on the road Tuesday. My mom's house is where I'll get an Ipad if I get one. Ed got me a Kindle (Santa brought our daughter Kendal a Kindle as well), and Santa brought our middle daughter a Nook. We have Ipads for work so we are experimenting :) I still want an Ipad for my that selfish?? Hope not too much ;)
    The Ipad would be very helpful when I have to travel...everything in one light techno-contraption :)

  2. I did not realize there was a Kindle app for our other devices! Now, that is good to know!

    My middle daughter and I are going to be doing some reading together over the next 9 weeks. I've found her English classes to be somewhat lacking...she is more of a math and science person so of course is not as concerned as I am. She received the Nook bc I thought she needed color to capture her attention. I'm determined to find her reading "niche," so we'll see.

  3. these look fun! what a great idea.