Monday, December 27, 2010

Making Sugar Cookies

In keeping with my recent them of blogging about all the things we did last week, now that I have the time to actually blog about is a recap of our sugar cookie decorating.

Julie and Leah spent a couple of days sewing a surprise for all of the girls in our family.

Matching Aprons!

Matching Aprons!

Julie and Leah were also my main helpers in rolling out and cutting out the sugar cookies. I had made the dough and refrigerated it the day before. In fact, Julie and Leah rolled and baked the sugar cookies all by themselves. I was cooking other things at that time.

the busy sisters

A pan of cookies ready to be baked

A sweet treat while working so chocolate!

After the cookies were baked and cooled, the rest of the children joined in the fun. They spent quite a while icing and sprinkling the cookies.

Here is Clay working on a cookie

Just so you know what the kitchen actually looks like while we are doing this

making a candy cane cookie

Olivia--she is always very artistic with her cookies.

All of the children, busy decorating cookies

At some point they put icing on their noses. Here is one of Sam's decorated cookies.

Leah and Sam with their Rudolph noses

Here are some pictures of the finished cookies. They were both beautiful and delicious!


  1. So cute! This is what I imagined us doing. Maybe next year!

    I love the snowmen!


  2. Fun! I was looking at your curriculum on the side- we also love TT and Apologia. I am going to follow your blog, and add it to my sidebar so I don't miss anything. :)