Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Eve

As soon as Jimmy got home from work on Christmas Eve morning (he had been on call....he worked for over 24 hours straight with no sleep), we loaded up the van and travelled to Granmomma's and Pop's house. Jimmy's sister Jenny and her family--husband Jeff, and children Will, Seth, and Gracie and Jimmy's brother Russ and his wife Megan joined us for a fun day of food and fellowship.

Tired Jimmy relaxing with Sam

The daughter and daughters-in-law prepared a lunch of baked ham, hot chicken dip, ranch potatoes, BLT dip (from a Farm Wife mix), green salad, broccoli salad, and various desserts.

While we were waiting to eat lunch, cousins Stacee and Season with her husband Ryan dropped by.
Sisters--Stacee and Season
(I ran the St. Jude Half Marathon with Stacee)

Ryan and Season & Megan and Russ

Before and after lunch we all just visited one another. The younger children were anxious to open presents, but since Christmas Eve is also Granmomma's birthday, we first sing Happy Birthday to her and give her a birthday present before we move to the Christmas Gift Exchange Extravaganza!

Olivia, crocheting

Jeff, enjoying his coffee

Jenny and Me--hanging out in the kitchen

Will and his special friend Elle

Julie and Pop

Gracie and Clay
Jenny made that cute little shirt that Gracie has on--it is Crystal from Frosty the Snowman Returns

Sweet Siblings! Jenny and Russ

The Birthday Girl with all of her children was time to pass out the presents.
We all enjoy buying, wrapping, and giving presents to each other. I think that Jenny, Megan, and I enjoy this the most. We all shop year round, looking for bargains as well as special things that we know each other would like. All three of us also love pretty wrapping paper and ribbon!

Leah and Sam in the mountain of presents!

Anxiously awaiting.....

Seth waiting too!

Gracie and Leah in their matching shirts from Aunt Megan

At the end of a fun day we headed home. The kids opened their Christmas Eve pajamas, watched How to Train a Dragon, and then they all went to bed. (Not me...I stayed up till 1:00 AM getting everything ready!)

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