Thursday, December 9, 2010

Clay's Wreath

Last week in school, Clay had to write a paper that explained how to do something to a younger audience. I think the official title was an expository paper. Anyway, Jimmy and Clay had recently made grapevine wreaths using vines they had pulled out of trees in our wood while clearing out.

Here is his paper:

How to Make a Grapevine Wreath
Clay Johnson

The first step of making a grapevine wreath is to go into some woods. The second step, which is fun, is to find a good vine in a tree and pull it down. Then, bend the vine. If it breaks, it is a brittle vine.
Stretch your vine on a big, flat space. The vine should be about twenty feet long, because any shorter would not work. The next step is to get two people. One holds the end of the vine, and the other one twists the vine. After that you should twist the vine into a circle. Then when you have about eight feet left, you wrap the vine through itself. After that you cut off any parts of the vine sticking out with clippers. The last step is to happily put a bow on the wreath and glue ornaments on it.

My mother helped Clay with the final decorating, and I hung the finished wreath in our kitchen. He made several wreaths in all, and he has already given a decorated one to an elder lady in our church family.

Clay's beautiful wreath


  1. Beautiful job, Clay!! I need to send my boys to gather up some vines....I know we have tons of them.

  2. Wow - that's really pretty! It looks like one I saw at Joann Etc. - that's really cool that it was made from actual vines from your woods.


  3. I'm so impressed! Clay must be good with his hands! My oldest son still struggles with tying his shoes :). What a great wreath!