Friday, December 10, 2010

The Gingerbread Houses

For the past few years, a dear lady named Mrs. Thornhill has made our family a beautiful gingerbread house in December. I always use it as a centerpiece on my table, but we never eat it. Well, last year she found out that we do not eat the gingerbread house, and she was surprised. She told Jimmy that she wanted the children to eat and enjoy it! I just felt like the houses were too pretty to eat.

Yesterday the Thornhills came over for a brief visit and to deliver our gingerbread house....but this year she made 6! Yes 6 gingerbread houses! One large one for my to display and not eat, and 5 smaller ones, one for each child to EAT. They were all precious!

The children proudly holding their gingerbread masterpieces

Here is the front of a little one

and this is the back of a little one

This is the large one that I will use as a centerpiece.

After I took a few pictures of the houses, the children ate them! I took some more pictures of them enjoying the candy, gingerbread, and sugary icing, and then I let them continue to eat them while I read aloud our current Sonlight books.

Sam, just getting started

Julie, being very careful

Olivia, so excited to dig in

Clay, getting started on a gingerbread boy

Leah, having her first bite of gingerbread

Julie, taking off the roof

Clay, taking a bite of the roof

And look at what was inside each house....candy!

After all of that candy, sugar, and gingerbread, the kids wanted popcorn! So we popped some, and they ate that too while I continued to read aloud.

Today's writing assignment in school is for the children to each write a thank you letter to Mrs. Thornhill for her hard work and beautiful creations.


  1. For many years we've either made Halloween or Christmas gingerbread houses together. I always love seeing my children's creations. Nobody has asked about doing them this year so...maybe we'll wait and make Easter houses!

    How sweet of your friend to make 6 houses for your family.


  2. Looks like they could use some help. Tell Sambo to bring Uncle Kelly a little roof or maybe a wall or two!

  3. What a sweet lady! It sure looks like your children were very grateful for her generosity.