Wednesday, September 1, 2010

What Sam Said

Yesterday I took Sam to the pediatrician. He has not been to the doctor since he was 18 months old. Not one single time! He, along with my other children have been blessed with good health, and we just never have to go to the doctor.

While we were there, he had a brief routine exam which included taking Sam's blood pressure. The nurse tried once, but she was having difficulty, so she stopped and then took his blood pressure again.

After two unsuccessful attempts, she said, "I need to get another nurse to do this. I can't hear his heartbeat."

As she left the room, Sam looked up at me, and with all seriousness said,

"Is I dead?"


  1. I had a nurse who couldn't find my pulse when I was in college. That amused me to no end [smile].


  2. That's cute! We never go to the doctor- partly because of good health and partly because of terrible inusrance. My mom pressured me into taking Monk before we left town since he'd been sick for a couple of weeks. I had to pay over $200 to find out he had clear chest X-rays and was getting over a case of bronchitis. I guess it was good to know. I do keep up with vaccinations and am very blessed that one of my good friends who was my maid of honor is a dermatologist. We have lots of eczema in our family and are on our 3rd case of moloscum! Thank goodness for good friends! I always cook or bake something for her when she takes care of my kids. Kind of a trade in services and she's so sweet she always teases that she hopes the moloscum keeps on going through the family. I hope she's wrong!