Saturday, September 18, 2010

Big Day, Lots of Pictures

Today was the Saltillo Cross Country Meet.

We arrived to set up our tents and chairs at 7:00 AM. The first race began at 9:00. Our homeschool running team, the Spartans, ran in 4 different races: Junior Varsity Girls, Junior Varsity Boys, Varsity Small School Girls, and Varsity Small School Boys.

The Spartans did a fabulous job! I know of at least two runners who set personal records, and in the Varsity Girls race, 5 of our girls finished in the the top 13 (out of 121 runners). We took the following places: 2,7,8,9, and 13. Go Spartans!

Here are some pictures from the fun day.

This is what it looks like right before each race begins. Each team stands together, waiting for the signal to GO.

Once the race starts, the runners race down a big field, gradually funneling as they approach the trail.

Julie, approaching the finish line

Olivia, right before the finish
She has some new, really pretty, pink spikes!

This next picture has got to be the best race picture ever!

Just look at Catherine edging out her opponent! As the runners approach the finish line, they SPRINT to finish ahead of each other! As soon as they cross the finish line, they must continue through this long chute single file. A race official keeps them in the order that they crossed the finish line until each runner's tag is pulled.

Go Catherine!!

During the races Sam, Leah, and Clay hung around our Spartan tents, enjoying snacks, drinks, and the company of the other non-running Spartans. The older boys mostly sat around and talked, while the older girls crocheted and giggled a lot!

Sam enjoying a snack.

Spartan girls hanging out

My parents--they are always such a huge help at these events!

The two "grandpas". Jimmy's parents came to watch too.

This is me telling Olivia how GREAT she did after her race! I am so proud of my girls!

Uncle Russ and Aunt Megan braved the heat to come and watch too!

Leah and Granmomma waiting for the awards.
The top 20 finishers in each race are awarded t-shirts. Our top 5 Spartan girls all got t-shirts.

After the race, we were all starving, so about 40 of us headed for the Cracker Barrel.

Jimmy is always so good about taking pictures, but there are rarely any pictures of him. Also, my friend Julie takes many, many pictures for the Spartans. Therefore, she is rarely in any pictures either! So I asked Jimmy to take a picture of her and me!

Julie and Me at Cracker Barrel.

Then I asked Julie to take a picture of Jimmy and I would have a picture of my cute husband for my blog! Jimmy grabbed me before I could pose....

My sweet husband!

Now, for a posed picture!

Leah at Cracker Barrel

Leah and Clay

Some Spartan girls on the front porch after we all ate

Great memories (for the adults as well as the children), great day!


  1. Sounds like a fabulous day! Again, I'm amazed at how much your cross-country meets remind me of all-day swim meets! We LOVE Cracker Barrel, too.


  2. What a FUN day we had! Sure do love our Spartans! Great pic's!