Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sherman Day 5K

Me, Yonea, and Lynn
My sweet running buddies!

Ok, I know that I have been MIA all week. What a week this has been! Like I said five weeks ago, this is going to be a hard year. It is still taking me until 2:00 or 3:00 (or until time to leave for xc practice or piano lessons, whichever comes first) to finish school with everyone. Then it is time for piano (Mondays) or xc practice (Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays). On Wednesdays it always seems like there is some errand to run, plus we have church service on Wednesday night, and on Friday afternoons I buy groceries. Somewhere in between the schooling and the running around, I am trying to squeeze in a run for me 4 days a week, daily laundry, daily cooking meals, and daily trying to keep the house in some sort of order.

Today was the first race in a series of 5K races, XC meets, and one half-marathon (for Jimmy and me) EVERY SATURDAY UNTIL NOV. 6! Yes, every single Saturday morning we will be getting up at the crack of dawn to travel all over our great state (and a couple of other states too) to run. FUN! Really it will be fun, and I am looking forward to each and every race.

Now, for some highlights of our fun morning in the great town of Sherman. Mark Bresee does an outstanding job (with the help of our own Tupelo Running Club) of directing this 5K.

The Spartans arrived at 7:00 this morning, in full green attire, ready to run. Of the 100+ race participants, I am guessing that more than half were Spartans or their parents. My friends (and Spartan moms) Yonea and Lynn, that I frequently train with, ran the race this morning. Other Spartan moms that ran were Ginger, Esther, Susan, Amy, and Penny. Several dads ran too--Jimmy (my fast husband who finished the race 2nd overall!), John Y., Jamie, John N., David M., David P., Scott, John S., and other moms and dads that I may be forgetting. We also have a Spartan grandfather who runs most of these races too! We have 69 Spartans on our roster, and I know that it really encourages them to see some of us older people running with them!

Speaking of older runners--I was awarded another Masters Award today. The masters award is for the 1st place runner (male and female) who is over 40! My sweet friends Dorothy and Beverly, who are also masters age were kind enough to let me cross the finish line first! We all finished within seconds of each other. They won 1st and 2nd in our age group of 40-44. Thanks ladies for letting me bring home the trophy!

Some of the other Spartans moms won medals too! Yonea, Lynn, and Ginger all won in their age divisions.

Lynn, Yonea, Ginger, and Me with our awards

Silly ladies texting each other--or maybe we are trying to upload our pictures on to Facebook. We are acting like teenagers!

Olivia--1st Place Female 15-19

Julie---2nd Place Overall Female

Clay--2nd Place Male 10-14

Since Jimmy is our family photographer, I don't have a picture of him. He won 2nd Place Overall Male!

After the race we stopped at McDonald's for a healthy post-race breakfast. Olivia and Julie invited two friends to go with us and to spend the afternoon at our house.

Leah, waiting for her breakfast

Hungry runners below!


  1. Fun day! Love the testing picture of course! :-)

  2. Thanks for sharing! I know cross-country and swimming are very different sports but your descriptions of your races remind me so much of our swim meet days. They are truly all day events! Congrats to you and your children on your excellent performance.


  3. Are y'all coming to the Fit to Lead 5k at the Flowood ymca Oct. 30th by any chance? Some coworkers and I are trying to lose weight and get healthy and we are going to do that one. I know its a long way from you but if you are going to be there, I will look for you!