Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Leah's Running Again

About a year or so, or maybe even longer, Leah expressed a desire to join the family in our running. I promptly bought her some running shoes, and she actually ran a couple of 1 mile fun runs. And then that was the end of that. She's had a full year or more of playing with the other younger children at cross country practice.

About a week and a half ago, Leah announced again that she would like to run. She wanted to be a Spartan. So we squeezed her feet into her running shoes, and I ran with her. The first day she ran 20 minutes with a few walk breaks. She ran 3 times last week, each time running/walking a distance of 1.5-2 miles. She is so proud of herself! She is wearing Julie's hand-me-down running shorts, and yesterday I bought her a new pair of running shoes. 1 whole size bigger. She also picked out a running shirt, that she has worn two days in a row!

Yesterday she ran almost 2 miles with another Mama (I was not feeling well yesterday), and today at Spartan practice she ran 1.7 miles, on a XC trail, in the 98 degree heat! Go Leah!

She is running a 2 mile race this Saturday after the XC meet. Every night when I am tucking her into bed (well, you know, lying with her in bed until I fall asleep, and then kissing her good night when I wake up!), she asks me, "How many days until my race?"

I am running with her, and I can't wait!