Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Just a Regular Week

Well, this week has really been just like the other weeks since we started school this year...busy!

We still have cross country practice 3 times a week. The older three children have piano lessons once a week, we attend our church service on Wednesday night, and I am training for another half marathon. Thankfully, Jimmy has been off work one day each week since we began our school year, and since we don't do schoolwork on his days off, it has allowed us to accomplish housework, yardwork, and errands on those days.

School is still taking me until 2:00 or 3:00 to complete. It doesn't take any one child that long to do his schoolwork, but it takes me that long to work with each child and/or check his work. Leah is the only child that I assist almost 100% (first grade). Although she usually begins her handwriting page and phonics pages by herself. I listen to her read aloud, drill addition flashcards, and teach her a language arts lesson daily.

I have all but dropped any planned activities with Sam. He basically listens to all of the read alouds that I read to Leah, Clay, and Julie. He plays with educational activities, games, and puzzles, but he spends most of his time playing outside or building with Legos while he waits for Clay to finish his schoolwork. I usually give Clay about a 45 minute break mid-morning to play with Sam while I teach Leah. This helps us all!

As usual, I am learning so much as I teach my children! I love the Sonlight that we are using. We are in Core 5 for Julie and Clay and Core K for Leah. The books are absolutely fabulous! I can tell that we will be using Sonlight products for a while.

Leah has been sewing up a storm. Yesterday she made a purse out of little squares sewed together. It has a shoulder strap, and she made the whole thing by herself using my sewing machine. Actually, I guess it is the girls' sewing machine since I never sew, and they use it almost every day!

Well, that's the update for this week. Pretty much the same as every other week, but I love my life, and I wouldn't change a single thing!

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  1. We're staying busy, as well. Two of my kids are swimming 3 nights a week and one is swimming twice a week at a different time! Two have piano once a week and one has violin the same day, but different studio! We all have Bible study Wed mornings, church Wed night, and my oldest and his dad go to scouts Tues night while I have the ladies Bible study in our home. I'm already looking forward to Christmas break! My oldest finishes school most days by 3, but he's had to finish homework after 9 pm a couple of nights. He loves the Apologia science, but that combined with Algebra and all our other subjects makes for a long day. We're enjoying it, though.

    Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement as far as labor!! Maybe we super-active gals have babies that are unphased by activity. I've tried jogging, jumping rope, etc. He's just not coming until he's ready.