Friday, September 17, 2010

Today is Not a Holiday

Well, the leisurely day of birthday celebration is over. Today, I have to get busy.

We have a full day of school, which I am thinking will take us until 2:00 to complete. However, during this school time, I am going to HAVE to take the boys for a haircut. I told Clay that he was starting to look like Justin Beber (is that even how you spell that boy's name?? You know, the teenage singer with longish hair?). Anyway, Sam and Clay are way overdue a haircut, so today is the day. The barber we use does not make appointments, you just have to get in line. Mr. Buddy is a great barber! He takes his time with each client, and he gives my boys excellent haircuts---we just have to wait forever for our turn. I am sure that since today is a Friday, the barber shop will be more crowded than usual. So, I plan on taking both Clay's and Leah's schoolwork with us.

After school and haircuts, we will turn our attention to housework, folding clothes, mowing the grass (Clay), and preparing supper. My parents are coming to spend the night, so we need to get the house in order! They are coming to watch the girls run their first cross country meet of the season tomorrow morning. I am cooking spaghetti, salad, and homemade bread (made in a bread machine!) plus banana pudding for dessert. We will be having spaghetti every Friday night for the next 2 months, because that is what the children like to eat the night before a race.

Also today we need to get all of our things together for the XC meet. I have to pack the big tailgating tent, lawn chairs, a cooler of drinks, snacks, and a 1000 other various items that we may need.

I better get started on the day!

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  1. it sounds busy but fun!! It will be a beautiful day to run tomorrow!