Sunday, June 29, 2008

Race Day and More

Yesterday morning we left the house at 5:20 a.m. to travel to Memphis for the UPS Ultimate 5K and 10K Race. I had stayed up till 11:00 the night before packing sippee cups, snacks, iPods, watches, changes of clothes, the double running stroller, the potty, blankets, pillows, running shoes, and more. Sam went through 4 outfits. Outfit #1: his pajamas. I took Leah and Sam straight from their beds still in their pajamas and put them in their carseats. They went back to sleep. The three older children quickly dressed (some even slept in their running clothes) and went to sleep in the car.
We arrived at the race in plenty of time to check in and warm up. Outfit #2 for Sam: playclothes. We all ran the 5K. I will post the times in the sidebar when the UPS race website posts the official results. Here are the awards each person won in their age group: Jimmy--3rd, Olivia--4th, Julie--1st, Clay--2nd, Me--just happy to finish!! This was my first race since recovering from my knee injury. I pushed the stroller and did a run/walk combination. I alternated running 4 minutes and walking 1 minute. I really enjoyed this race. It was the first time I was not competing (against my personal best time). I knew there was no way that I would have a "good" time, so I just went slowly and enjoyed the race. I talked to people around me. Leah and Sam spent the entire race looking for dogs (we saw one), and talking and waving to the people at each turn and water stop. At around mile 2.5 Jimmy took the stroller from me and I ran the rest of the way in. He had already finished and ran backwards on the course to get me.
After the race we went to Southaven to help my brother Rhett, his wife Amanda and their son Wesley (almost) 2 move across town to their new house. They are expecting another baby boy in a couple of months. My parents and Amanda's parents had been their a few days helping them pack. Saturday was the official moving day. We spent a few hours helping out and eating lunch with them. Outfit #3 for Sam: Jimmy saw Sam playing in a puddle.....I had waited too long to take him to the potty. I had packed Sam 3 outfits so we were ok....1 outfit still left in the diaper bag.
Next we surprised the children by taking them to Mud Island in Memphis. Mud Island has a to- scale replica of the Mississippi River built in concrete. Each step you take is equal to about 1 mile, and each 1 inch of depth equals 1 foot. The "river" is 1/2 mile long. The children and I all took our shoes off and waded down the entire Mississippi River. Jimmy kept his shoes on and took pictures.
As we were leaving Mud Island Clay noticed a HUGE, STEEP, grassy hill.....and he asked if he could climb up it and run back down. It looked too steep for him to do this in my opinion, but I told him to ask Daddy. Well, not only did Jimmy say yes, but he also showed him some pieces of cardboard that he could take to the top of the hill with him and slide down on! I was nervous! The next thing I knew ALL FIVE CHILDREN INCLUDING SAM were running up this VERY STEEP, VERY TALL HILL. I just knew that Sam would come toppling down any minute and we would be visiting the ER! I was growing more afraid with each passing second. Jimmy was busy taking pictures! So I had to run up the hill and rescue my baby. He was at the top of the hill ready to slide down like everyone else when I finally caught him. I had no choice but to sit on the cardboard, put Sam on my lap and SLIDE DOWN THE HILL! The video captures it perfectly. This is the most frightened, no terrified, that I have ever been!
Outfit #4 for Sam: the last set of clothes that I brought. He was soaking wet from the river and covered with grass from the hill slide.
All of the children slid down the hill and Jimmy even did it once too. We have never laughed so hard as we did at one another flying down that hill. How we escaped injury is a wonder!
After we recovered from the hill sliding we made one last stop before going home. We ate supper at Newk's. As soon as our food was served Sam threw up all over himself (he was not sick, he frequently throws up at the sight of food, then after I clean him and the mess up he is ready to eat. Very strange!!) Anyway, I was out of clothes for Sam! So--outfit #5: back to outfit #1, his pajamas, but no more underwear. Thank goodness we were going home.
We arrived home around 9:oo p.m. We were all exhausted, but what a fun day!!
Here are some highlights of the day. I will put the video in a separate post.
These pictures are out of order. I can't figure out how to move them around!

Sitting on a bridge over the river.

Leah and Julie walking in the "Mississippi River" at Mud Island

In the "ocean" at the end of the Mississippi River

Julie and Leah again (didn't mean to upload 2 of these!)

Olivia, Julie and Clay after the race.

Olivia and Daddy after the race.

My youngest brother Rhett

My nephew, Wesley....Rhett and Amanda's son

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