Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Cross Country Practice

Leah and Sam playing at Ballard Park
Last week Olivia, Julie, and Clay began running with the Tupelo High School cross country team--not that they are not going to school, or joining the team (we do not even live in Tupelo School District)--they just have the opportunity to run with them during their summer practice sessions. They are running at one of three locations, changing locations each week. 1. Chickasaw Village--a trail that runs through the woods around and along side of the Natchez Trace. 2. Ballard Park 3. Veterans Park. Both of the park locations have playgrounds so I have been walking/jogging with Leah and Sam in the stroller around the park until they can stand it no longer, then I let them play! Jimmy is running with the older children. They are really enjoying running with exceptional runners, and they are receiving excellent coaching. When school starts back in August, we will go back to our regular running routine.....coach Mom and Dad.

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