Saturday, June 21, 2008

Canoe Trip &VBS

Jimmy and Clay went on a canoe trip to Bear Creek today with some people that Jimmy works with. They were gone most of the day and had a great time. Of course Clay jumped in the creek.

I worked on Vacation Bible School material all day. The girls helped me some, watched a movie, and read books. Leah and Sam destroyed the school room while I worked! Playdoh, counting bears, foam stickers, glue, markers, Little People, and a big toy basket were some of the things that occupied them. Thankfully, Olivia and Julie helped me get everything put away before supper.

I am teaching the 1 and 2yos in VBS. I wrote/compiled a "curriculum" for the class this year. Each day we are studying a different person from the Old Testament: Joseph, Moses, David, Daniel, Jonah. I am using The Bible in Pictures for Little Eyes for my text. I plan to sing welcome songs and Bible songs and then read the short story for the day. Next will be a simple craft followed by snacktime then outside play. Then we will read a picture book about the person of the day and color a picture. Finally we will sing more songs and get ready to go home. I put small laminated pictures pertaining to the day's lessons in the little Bibles we use for our Bible songs. They are used to looking for pictures in their Bibles on Sundays and Wednesdays, and they really enjoy it.


  1. I just noticed the new family picture! Love it! When was it, and who took it?

  2. We took it this morning (6-22-08) and we used the tripod.

  3. I'm impressed you could do that and get five kids ready for church, eat breakfast, and whatever else your "supermom" self does!!!