Friday, June 13, 2008

Keeping the Home--Alphabetizing

I have two items that I alphabetize--my spices and my files.

Whether you keep your spices in your pantry, a cabinet, a drawer or on a shelf, try putting them in ABC order. You will be able to easily locate the spice you need. Assign the job of alphabetizing the spices to a child. He will receive practice in a valuable skill, and you will have neatly organized spices!

I actually have 3 sets of files. 1) files of opened mail--things to be eventually put into a permanent file, bills to be paid, forms to fill out, etc. These files are kept in a small file box close to where I open mail. I alphabetize all of my files by their name. I name them very simply so I can locate them when I need to----bills to pay, phone lists, recipes, etc. 2) school related files--kept in a separate file drawer. Some of these file titles are Bible memory, calendar supplies, Christmas crafts, elections, reading lists, etc. Again, naming them simply and filing them alphabetically helps me to quickly find what I need. 3) permanent files--all of those pieces of paper that I must keep. My permanent files take up 3 file drawers. I actually need to go through these files and see what I can throw away! Our permanent files include things such as insurance info (auto, home, boat, health, etc.), warranties, receipts for major purchases, owners manuals, children's art work (the precious things they draw and make for us), bank statements, tax documents, etc.
If your files need reorganizing, try sorting the papers into logical categories, naming them simply, and alphabetizing them. If the job is especially daunting, then just work on it for 15 minutes at a time until you have completed the task.

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