Friday, June 13, 2008

Keeping the Home--Art Work

As I mentioned in my last post, I have a permanent file for my children's art work. With 5 children, if I kept every piece of paper that they draw on, we would be covered with "art"! So this is how I manage it.

permanent file--this is where I keep the cards, letters, and artwork the children make specifically for Jimmy or me--birthday cards, thank you letters, mother's day art, etc. I actually have 3 files labeled for this category. I do not file anything that is not flat.

outgoing mail file--pictures drawn or painted for no particular reason, or items specifically made for someone to be mailed to them. These pictures are for grandparents, elderly people from our church, sick people, and just someone who may need to receive a beautiful picture and sweet note in the mail.

3-ring binders--each child has a 3 ring binder labeled "Art" filled with page protectors. As they create masterpieces that they want to keep, they put them into their binder. When the binder is full, it is easily stored.

large plastic box--this is for non-flat artwork that for the time being we cannot part with. I am limiting the items kept to what can fit in the box. Eventually, some of this artwork will have to be refiled into my last location......

file T--the trash can! Sadly, some of the art goes straight to file T. As I mentioned before, I cannot keep everything! Some people take pictures of their children holding their creations before moving them to file T.

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